Strategic Review – Learning and Development System

Sayres Australia was contracted by a large regional mineral resources facility to conduct a strategic review of its Learning and Development system.   In undertaking this task, Sayres Australia staff conducted a comprehensive document review including policy, procedural, and process documents. Sayres Australia staff also conducted a site visit during which several key managers and Learning and Development staff were interviewed. 

As a result of this review, a number of opportunities for increased efficiency and effectiveness of the Learning and Development system were identified. Sayres Australia provided a written report outlining recommended actions designed to realise the identified improvements and contribute to reducing Learning and Development risk for the business. In addition, Sayres Australia drafted a revised Learning and Development Procedure to provide increased clarity around the Learning and Development system.

Maritime Surface and Above Water Combat Capability Program

Sayres Australia was contracted to provide maritime warfare expertise to the Maritime Surface and Above Water Combat (MSAWC) Capability Program. Providing guidance and advice regarding the One Defence Capability System and Defence program management practices, Sayres Australia led the drafting of the MSAWC Program Operational Concept, including the development of mission threads and capability requirements. This task required Sayres Australia staff to draw on extensive strategic acumen, operational experience, and Defence capability qualifications to:

  • Interpret Defence strategic guidance.
  • Analyse the Force Structure Review, Defence Strategic Update and associated Force Design implications.
  • Interpret and provide advice on the One Defence Capability System to ADF, APS and contractor staff, and apply the program direction of the Defence Strategic Centre to articulate the necessary outcomes required of the MSAWC Capability Program within program documentation.
  • Advise an industry team on the application of maritime power, particularly as it is applied within the Joint Force.
  • Engage extensively with Defence stakeholders both within and outside the MSAWC Capability Program.

Army Transformation Program:  Army Logistics Training Centre

Sayres Australia was contracted to conduct a SADL compliant broad training review and redesign of the Suite of Logistics Officer Courses for the Army Logistics Training Centre (ALTC). Sayres staff reviewed performance requirements and employment specifications for all roles undertaking the courses, identified training deficiencies and gaps to be addressed, provided recommended solutions for deficiencies for ALTC consideration, and undertook a tri-service comparison of Joint Logistics workforce skills requirements. Working with subject matter experts, Sayres staff then utilised the findings of this detailed review to redesign six trade and general logistics training courses for ALTC delivery.  

Project SEA 1778 Mine Counter-Measures

Sayres Australia was contracted by Thales Australia to provide training development services in support of the delivery of Project SEA1778.  This project was delivering advanced Mine Counter Measures capabilities to the RAN, including the operation of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs).  As part of this project, Sayres Australia updated and delivered the final Training Needs Analysis Report (TNAR) and Equipment Application Course (EAC) Training Management Plan (TNGMP) for the USV capability to be delivered to Navy. This work package incorporated the design and development of training courses for both Operators and Maintainers of the USV.  We successfully delivered the TNAR and TNGMP within tight project timeframes and achieved Commonwealth acceptance of the training packages.

Joint Concept on Multi Domain Strike

Sayres Australia provided the lead author to Force Design Division to develop the ADF Joint Concept on Multi Domain Strike in a compressed timeframe. This task required extensive research, liaison and coordination across Defence Groups and broader Government Departments. Once drafted, Sayres Australia staff took the Concept through an experimentation process before conducting final review and engagement with Defence Groups. The Concept was then approved for ADF use by the Vice Chief of Defence Force.

F18 launching from USS George H.W. Bush.