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Army Transformation Program:  Army Logistics Training Centre

Sayres Australia was contracted to conduct a SADL compliant broad training review and redesign of the Suite of Logistics Officer Courses for the Army Logistics Training Centre (ALTC). Sayres staff reviewed performance requirements and employment specifications for all roles undertaking the courses, identified training deficiencies and gaps to be addressed, provided recommended solutions for deficiencies for ALTC consideration, and undertook a tri-service comparison of Joint Logistics workforce skills requirements. Working with subject matter experts, Sayres staff then utilised the findings of this detailed review to redesign six trade and general logistics training courses for ALTC delivery.  


Craig Powell

Chief Executive Officer

Craig completed a successful military career of over 30 years in February 2019. Qualified as a Principal Warfare Officer – Air Warfare specialist, Craig has extensive experience in Command, Leadership and Management, Project Management, Training Systems, and Simulation which are now being applied to the growth of Sayres Australia Pty Ltd in the Asia Pacific region.