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Maritime Surface and Above Water Combat Capability Program

Sayres Australia was contracted to provide maritime warfare expertise to the Maritime Surface and Above Water Combat (MSAWC) Capability Program. Providing guidance and advice regarding the One Defence Capability System and Defence program management practices, Sayres Australia led the drafting of the MSAWC Program Operational Concept, including the development of mission threads and capability requirements. This task required Sayres Australia staff to draw on extensive strategic acumen, operational experience, and Defence capability qualifications to:

  • Interpret Defence strategic guidance.
  • Analyse the Force Structure Review, Defence Strategic Update and associated Force Design implications.
  • Interpret and provide advice on the One Defence Capability System to ADF, APS and contractor staff, and apply the program direction of the Defence Strategic Centre to articulate the necessary outcomes required of the MSAWC Capability Program within program documentation.
  • Advise an industry team on the application of maritime power, particularly as it is applied within the Joint Force.
  • Engage extensively with Defence stakeholders both within and outside the MSAWC Capability Program.


Craig Powell

Chief Executive Officer

Craig completed a successful military career of over 30 years in February 2019. Qualified as a Principal Warfare Officer – Air Warfare specialist, Craig has extensive experience in Command, Leadership and Management, Project Management, Training Systems, and Simulation which are now being applied to the growth of Sayres Australia Pty Ltd in the Asia Pacific region.