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Cyber and Security

Image: NASA on Unsplash

Sayres Australia can assist with:

  • Radio Frequency over Fibre secure wireless systems
  • Cyber education and training solutions

Radio Frequency over Fibre wireless systems

Sayres Australia is partnered with Cogitari, a US-based innovative Radio Frequency over Fibre (RFoF) communication solutions provider.  Cogitari’s RFoF transport capabilities integrate cutting-edge RFoF products offering solutions to an array of communication needs across a range of industries.

Through Cogitari, we can provide:

  • Perfect point to point and distributed systems solutions for Public Safety, private SMR and secure government wireless networks
  • Antenna Remoting over fibre
  • Rapid Deployable DAS for temporary deployments or situations where wireless signals are difficult to transport
  • GPS Timing Distribution over Fibre to synchronise communications

We offer a range of RF over fibre optic links that support VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, 800 MHz and 900 MHz. This is a perfect solution for point-to-point and distributed systems for Public Safety, private Specialised Mobile Radio and government wireless networks.

These solutions can be tailored to the military, government, or commercial clients, and can be customised to suit your needs.

AURORA DAS – Secure Wireless Platform

The AURORA secure Radio Frequency over Fibre (RFoF) Distributed Antenna System (DAS) was designed with security in mind to provide government agencies with the means to use wireless devices in government facilities.  It allows governments to deploy only one DAS to provide access to Cellular, WiFi, SatCom, Public Safety Net, Land radios and all other RF communication needs. The AURORA DAS has the highest convergence in the industry.

Secure Wireless Tactical DAS

Cogitari’s Tactical version of the AURORA DAS will allow a Mobile Command Post (CP) to deploy a single wireless network to distribute all their communication needs. The AURORA Tactical DAS will provide field-based operations with numerous benefits over current deployed systems such as: 

  • enhanced security 
  • rapid deployment
  • improved SWaP
  • most convergent platform in the industry
  • RF monitoring

Fibre Fault and Fibre Tapping Detection

Instantaneous fibre fault detection relies on a patented Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) solution. It will inform you of a fibre cable break in near real-time.  This immediate notification will decrease your operating expenses and get networks up and running again in the shortest time.

One way to detect fibre tapping is by noting the increased attenuation created at the point of tapping, but some modern tapping methods do not meet the attenuation threshold and are undetected by current systems.  Cogitari has solved that problem by adding its unique Delta Power Sense (DPS) in one combined solution.

Rapid Deployable DAS

Cogitari’s Portable Rapid-deployable DAS (R-DAS) is suitable for temporary deployments or situations where wireless signals are difficult to transport (mining, tunnels, ship building, etc.).

Remote Antenna

Antenna Remoting over fibre enables greater flexibility to locate an antenna away from a radio head.  This provides more flexibility and operational security in Tactical Operations.

SatCom Everywhere

Make and receive Satellite Phone calls from anywhere. No need to step outside to “see” the satellite, our solution will work indoors and is SatCom provider agnostic.  The L/S Band Satcom Fibre Transport Link provides a simple, cost-effective and reliable RF connection between your satellite antenna and modem in those instances where coaxial cable is impractical or additional security is required.

CDL Waveguide Replacement

Current Waveguide systems are expensive to install, take up a lot of space, and are high maintenance systems with performance issues such as signal loss.  Our RFoF waveguide replacement solution fixes all these problems.  At a fraction of the cost, fibre can be installed with minimum space requirements.  In most cases, the existing waveguide run can be used as a conduit to install the fibre cable.  Fibre provides reduced maintenance requirements over waveguides and provides improved performance.  This makes it an ideal solution to replace current waveguide systems and for new installations, with RFoF CDL.

Cyber education and training solutions

Sayres Australia can assist your organisation in designing cyber education and training solutions.  We can analyse, design, develop, deliver, and evaluate cyber training solutions at the individual, system, and platform levels.  If required, training can comply with all stages of the SADL process.

We are partnered with the University of Technology Sydney, a leading deliverer of cyber and Artificial Intelligence training in Australia, to design and deliver comprehensive training packages for the ADF.  

Contact us to discuss your training needs.


Craig Powell

Chief Executive Officer

Craig completed a successful military career of over 30 years in February 2019. Qualified as a Principal Warfare Officer – Air Warfare specialist, Craig has extensive experience in Command, Leadership and Management, Project Management, Training Systems, and Simulation which are now being applied to the growth of Sayres Australia Pty Ltd in the Asia Pacific region.