Sayres Australia teams up with AUKUS Jobs

An innovative recruitment platform means Sayres Australia can find the right people, at the right time.

AUKUS Jobs has a fresh approach to recruitment, with significant benefits for jobseekers and employers alike.  

Sayres Australia has teamed up with AUKUS Jobs, so we can target people with the right skills and experience. 

Mark Korsten, CEO of AUKUS Jobs explains how they’ve reinvented the way jobseekers and employers connect: “The traditional processes for shortlisting candidates requires dozens of CVs to be written by candidates, and then read by employers. This process is slow, expensive, inaccurate and boring. 

Our approach is to create a detailed family of defence relevant skills and experience, and to allow candidates to score their competency and experience against those most relevant to them. We allow employers to blend and weight any combination skills and experience to describe their “perfect fit”, and then consider candidates in ranked order of best mathematical match. The mathematical matching process is very accurate and very powerful. Employers can save hundreds of hours per year by only needing to review the most closely matched candidates first.

For jobseekers, this means they only need to create their profile once to be considered for thousands of roles throughout their entire career journey, and they are guaranteed to be seen if they have the right mix of skills and experience for any role. As an added bonus, by presenting candidates anonymously in the first instance, we’ve removed the unconscious biases that occur when a name appears at the top of a CV. Everyone wins!”

“We are excited to be working with AUKUS Jobs, as it gives us the ability to engage in highly targeted talent acquisition,” said Sayres Australia’s General Manager Mary Powell. 

The platform offers efficiencies when compared with more traditional recruitment methods.

“Rather than spending time and resources looking for candidates who may not see our ads and/or socials, we can go straight to AUKUS Jobs’ agile workforce platform and search for people with the specific skills and experience that we need,” she said. 

The use of more focused recruitment processes makes the search for – and the identification and recruitment of – the right candidates a lot quicker and easier than it has been in the past.  

As Sayres Australia continues to grow, the company will utilise AUKUS Jobs’ platform to maintain streamlined recruitment processes. 

And the benefits are clear. 

“As we utilise AUKUS Jobs’ efficient platform we know that we are targeting the right cohort of people with the skills and experience that we, and our valued clients, need,” Powell said.